A big thanks to our sponsors and attendees for making the Adaptive Spirit’s 22nd annual event a huge success. The event theme was “Rise” and all of you did just that! You rose to the occasion to support the U.S. Paralympic Ski and Snowboard Team. You also “adapted” as the organization made last minute lodging and venue changes. By all accounts and according to our research, 94% of the attendees felt we handled the changes well.


And, we met our financial goal and raised $1.38 million. The educational panel that has traditionally opened the event for the last six years was outstanding. Big thanks to board member Tom Wlodkowski, VP Accessibility at Comcast, who assembled an all-star panel to discuss the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act and how distributors and vendors are developing  products and services to serve this audience. Special thanks to Suzy Rosen Singleton, FCC Chief of the Disability Rights Office, for her keynote and participation on the panel.


The year before a Paralympic year is an important one for the team and Adaptive Spirit. As you saw from the fantastic videos we showed at the banquets, the team spent time in South Korea in early 2017 to compete on the hill, tracks and courses to be used at the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games. They were able to do that because of your support! And for Adaptive Spirit, it is important to meet our fundraising goals in order for the team to head into the 2017-2018 season with the proper training and competition to prepare them to represent our country and bring home medals! We are off to a great start with over $600k sponsor commitments for SkiTAM 2018.


We look forward to your continued support of Adaptive Spirit and want to remind you to mark your calendars for the 23rd event which runs April 5 – 8. We plan to celebrate the many successes and medals the team will bring home!

Steve Raymond

Chairperson, Adaptive Spirit Board of Directorssteve

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