2017 Final Race Results

ADULT Race Results


The 2017 Adult Race brought together 300 racers and 60 teams. The Competitive Division posted some great times as well as the Sport Division. Here is a breakdown of the top 3 teams from each Division:


  1. HBO 4: 142.31 total seconds. Brenda Kirwood, Jeff Kirwood, Kate Kirwood, Wyatt Hall, Thomas Walsh
  2. Precision Optical: 142.43 total seconds. Stacey Bolger, Todd Davis, Andrew McNealus, Chris Ochs, BethAnn Chamberlain
  3. NBCU 3: 156.9 total seconds. Patrick Dodd, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Haley Perlus, MJ Connors, Jamie Stanton


  1. Humax Posse: 227.97 total seconds. Chris Stone, Nick Nielsen, Will Biancarelli, Luke Lumley, Evan Strong
  2. Integra: 228.86 total seconds. Jeff DeWeese, Robert O’Shea, Aidan O’Shea, Lisa Carpenter, Graham Watanabe
  3. Technicolor 2: 232.12 total seconds. Yuru Schanman, Dean Osbourne, Gary Schanman,  Eric Rutter, Chris Newey

In addition to the top team results, here is a breakdown of the Fastest Females, Fastest Males and the Top 3 Snowboarders:


  1. Kate Kirwood, HBO, 27.62 seconds
  2. Diann Roffe, HPE, 28.33 seconds
  3. Haley Perlus, NBC Universal, 29.04 seconds


  1. Wyatt Hall, HBO, 26.31 seconds
  2. Andrew McNealus, Precision Optical, 26.89 seconds
  3. Stacey Bolger, Precision Optical, 27.47 seconds


  1. Tristan Clegg, S&D Marketing | Advertising, 38.36 seconds
  2. JT Lumley, Humax Rush, 42.53 seconds
  3. Albert Garcia, Humax Rush, 43.99 seconds

Finally, each year we hand out 3 very special awards to the Best Dressed, the Best Crash & the Most Time on Course. Here are this year’s winners:

BEST DRESSED (Founding Fathers and Betsey Ross): CAS Group
BEST CRASH: John Young, S&D Marketing | Advertising
MOST TIME SPENT ON COURSE: Thomas Jefferson, CAS Group

For complete race results, click on the link below.


YOUTH Race Results

We had another great turnout this year, as 37 of our youth racers competed in the 2017 race! Each age category showed some incredible times from both the girls and the boys groups.

Here is a breakdown of the top 3 times within each age category:


  1. Stella DiGeronimo, 49.21 seconds
  2. Susanna Piro, 52.03 seconds
  3. Lejle Bambur, 52.17 seconds

8-11: GIRLS

  1. Piper Mayes, 34.63 seconds
  2. Bella Tolle,  39.97 seconds
  3. Nayra Garcia, 42.1 seconds

12-16: GIRLS

  1. Kaitlin Zingler, 43.6 seconds
  2. Elli Rothschild, 46.5 seconds
  3. Emily Barr, 56.07 seconds


  1. Nicholas Piro, 1:13
  2. William DiGeronimo, 1:43

8-11: BOYS

  1. Bennett Jardine, 33.15 seconds
  2. Caden Mahonchak, 33.73 seconds
  3. Thomas Barr, 38.35 seconds

12-16: BOYS

  1. Rory Bartlett, 34.85 seconds
  2. Will Biancarelli, 35.55 seconds
  3. Ryan, 39.86 seconds

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