A Message from the Adaptive Spirit Board Chairperson

Looking back on our 21 years, I reflect on how much our industry has changed and how much the U.S. Paralympic Team that we support has evolved. In the telecom industry, we continue finding new ways to distribute, entertain and delight our collective customers while U.S. Paralympic athletes find new ways to adapt, advance and reach their competitive goals. Just a few short years ago, adaptive snowboarding did not exist. Now, it is the fastest growing winter adaptive sport, and the U.S. Paralympic Snowboard Team is the best team in the world! That does not happen without Adaptive Spirit’s consistent, long-term support of the athletes and coaches of the U.S. Paralympic Ski and Snowboard Teams. As Michael Powell, president and CEO of the NCTA, stated at the 2016 opening keynote: “What we are doing as an industry to support these adaptive athletes is important, but what we are doing together as an industry to develop products and services for people with disabilities is an important example of how we can continue to improve the lives of our customers.”

On behalf of the Adaptive Spirit board, event committee and volunteers, we thank you for your continued support of Adaptive Spirit and hope you have April 6-9 circled on your 2017 calendar. Next year is an extremely important year for
the team as they prepare for the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. With your help, we plan to ensure that the team has the financial support necessary to be at their best!


Steve Raymond
Adaptive Spirit Board of Directors

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